Camp Testimonials

Ryleigh Brooks, past camper

Camp JOY Camper Testimonial

"I attended Camp Joy from ages 11-16 I believe. Camp Joy was something I looked forward to every summer! There are so many things that I love about Camp Joy, too many to name! I gained so many friends that I didn’t live close to that I looked forward to seeing every summer at camp. I still keep in touch with many of my Camp friends! We did so many fun activities, games, swimming, Bible studies, devotionals, and bonfires all week long. There was never a time that I was bored or not doing something! I love how close knit the relationships between campers, counselors, and other staff become throughout the week. Because it is smaller compared to other camps, you really get to know everyone and form relationships with them.

Hearing other campers’ stories and testimonials was so inspiring and uplifting. Getting comfortable with reading the Bible, praying, and talking to other people about God were things that I learned at Camp Joy and still use today. My walk with the Lord was strengthened through friendship, devotion, and seriously through the JOY that I had while at Camp. Even at 20 years old I still have a love and gratitude for Camp Joy. I would highly recommend Camp Joy to anyone! It is truly life changing."

Elizabeth Neuhold, past camper

Camp JOY Camper Testimonial

“Camp JOY taught me what is was to be a friend. The friends I made there and the experience I had shape my life to this day. Camp JOY gave me some place to grow and find out what kind of person I wanted to be. Camp JOY is home. It’s a place I can go to feel love. It’s a place for everyone and a place to belong.”

Jonathan Ogan, past camper

Camp JOY Camper Testimonial

"I went to Camp Joy from as early as you can in youth camp until I was 16. The impact that it had on my life wasn’t visible till I started thinking about it over the years. At first I thought it was something I could do with my family members, and friends I only saw once a year there, but it actually put together a great foundation of faith for me. I can’t imagine my life without it, and I’m so thankful for Camp Joy, and what it has done in my life growing up. The counselors, activities, and fellow campers were always so great! Counselors were always so willing to help build faith within the campers, and the activities are fun, and they are skill/faith building, and the campers were some of my best friends growing up. Camp Joy means so much more to me than it did when I was growing up. It was this that built the faith foundation I have today, and a great circle of friends I can always count on even if I don’t see them often, I know we can always sit and talk about our lives, and just grow together like we did."