2020 Summer Camps Postponed

We have a tough announcement to make. Although it is a tough one, we are looking to God for guidance and faith during this uncertain time, and we feel peace about this tough decision. Please read the below letter from the Camp Board regarding children's summer camps this year:

"Dear Campers, Parents, and Volunteers,

We, the Camp JOY Board, hope this letter finds you safe and healthy. As you may have heard, there’s this thing going around that nobody wants. And no, we’re not talking about N’sync and their reunion tour.

Before there was mention of a pandemic, this was seen on a church marquee in the area, “Have your trials caused you to pray? Then they have done their job.” (If recognition could be given, it would.) How many of us are praying more than we usually do? With most of the external entertainment sources closed, how many families are spending quality time together? With many of us unable to attend church and Sunday School, which of us are teaching our kids Sunday School lessons? Are we using a few minutes of the extra time we have reading the Bible? Reading the Bible is important by itself. But, what is more important is our kids seeing us doing it. God has given many of us a chance to focus on those things that really matter (sports and binge watching TV shows are not what He had in mind). 

The Camp JOY Board has decided to postpone the July 2020 summer camp schedule. We feel we needed to take action in light of the current health scare. As many of you know, preparations for the July camps actually begins in January. The maintenance and upgrade projects are identified, assigned, and completed in the time leading up to summer. The potential staff (overnight, teachers, speakers, missions, and kitchen to name a few) is contacted, applications and background checks are returned. We screen potential new candidates and background check everyone. All of this is to build up to “why”. Here are the questions that the board considered:

  • Will something like camp even be allowed this summer?

  • Preparation for summer camp usually begins in January, and crucial meetings and work days have not been able to take place this spring, so could camp even be ready by summer?

  • Many of our potential staff are already being hit financially, would they still be in a position to volunteer?

  • How many parents would allow their children to attend camp in the shadow of a pandemic?

We are saying “postpone” as we are currently brain storming ideas for the fall. There will be follow up letters keeping you informed.

As we pray for your health, finances and overall well being, please pray for camp guidance, finances, and overall well being.

God Bless,

The Camp JOY Board"

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